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Kirsten Toler, CPA, was recommended to me by one of her very satisfied clients at a time when I was just launching my new business, French Touch Image Consulting, LLC. Although she can handle anything, I was told that she was particularly sensitive to the needs of small businesses such as mine. That pronouncement proved to be right on target, as she was not only sensitive to but anticipated my needs often before I was aware of them. In short order she was not only handling my business affairs but our personal finances as well.

I have now joined the growing ranks of her “very satisfied clients.” Oh, and did I mention that she has become a dear friend, as well???

Marie-Thérèse Norris
Owner and Sole Proprietor
French Touch Image Consulting, LLC

It is an incredible delight to work with Kirsten Toler as my company’s bookkeeper and accountant. Truly, truly, a delight! Kirsten is thorough, responsive, professional, and enjoyable to work with. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the laws and regulations that pertain to the financial aspects of my business, which is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Kirsten sends regular “heads up” emails to me to help me prepare materials for her on a quarterly basis, makes me aware of any changes in laws/regulations that may affect the accounting aspects of my business, and makes herself available for me by phone or email for any questions I have about deductions, cash flow planning, etc, etc. Working with Kirsten gives me a sense of security, confidence, and calm, which is incredibly helpful for me as the owner of a small business – it makes me feel like I have a true partner!

Erin E. Owen
President, EEO Balance Corporation
(dba: Health Catalyst Coaching & Training Services)

Kirsten has been working with us since we opened. She helped us set up our systems for capturing information, and after we submit the raw materials of bank statements and documentation of various expenditures to her each month, she quickly, reliably, and consistently produces understandable summaries of how we’re doing financially. We’re in the business of creating and providing service to our students. Kirsten makes it possible for us to keep that as our focus; and for that, we’re tremendously grateful.

Beth Filla
Yogawood, LLC

I am so happy to have found Kirsten! Her work is thorough, honest and timely. I feel she did her best to support me professionally and was extremely pleased with the job she's done. I highly recommend KMT Consulting.

Kelly Mashu
LifeShine Holistic Health Counseling

Certified Public Accountant, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Past-Member, Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Contributor, Readable Press (a division of Readable Holdings)

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